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Pet Companions

This new addition to Team Suzy’s ‘Roadmap for Caregivers’ project will pair pets from Michigan Humane with patients and caregivers whose grants are approved through Team Suzy. 

Pets provide around-the-clock comfort and companionship 365 days a year. Medical researchers highlight the value of having a pet in the home as a breakthrough for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia and their caregivers during the most challenging times.

Companion Pets

WXYZ-TV Detroit ran a story about our companion pets program.

You can view the story on YouTube.

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How it Works

  1. Families apply to Team Suzy for consideration in the program.

  2. Those selected are matched with a pet by Michigan Humane.

  3. The pets selected to participate in this program will be spayed/neutered, have completed a full a behavioral assessment, and been thoroughly examined and deemed in good health. 

  4. Once the adoption process is finalized, the family becomes the pet owner and is responsible for its care and well-being.  

  5. Throughout a family’s time in the Companion Pet Program, both Team Suzy and Michigan Humane will collect information about their experience. This includes, but is not limited to, testimonials about the benefits experienced by the loved ones with dementia, the caregivers, and the Companion Pet.

  6. Participant families/caregivers will also be asked to keep a brief journal and answer questions concerning the interaction between the pets, family members, and caregivers.

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Keeley Fuller, Director of Facility Operations

Mike Plaskey, Co-Founder Team Suzy

Mary Anne Donley, Board Member, Team Suzy

Katelin Thomas, Director of Behavioral Health Services


To Qualify

  • The loved one with Dementia MUST either live at home or with the caregiver; We can not issue a grant to people who live in a private facility.

  • Families/caregivers and the patient with dementia MUST agree to complete the adoption process exclusively with Michigan Humane.

To Apply

To be considered for the Companion Pet Program, please complete these two steps:


Step 1: Fill out the Team Suzy general grant application found here

Step 2: Complete this easy questionnaire about pet adoption.


A family may not be selected for a pet, or may not be matched immediately.

For more information please contact Team Suzy at

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