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Our Impact

Recent studies from the Alzheimer’s Association reveal that 74% of caregivers are less likely to maintain their own health. Team Suzy understands the cost of caregiving; emotionally, physically, and financially. This is why we provide grant opportunities to families and caregivers so they can live their best lives during their journey.

In the fall of 2021 our first year, Team Suzy issued grants to five families who are on their journey of caring for loved ones who have Alzheimer’s and other dementias.  We were able to accomplish this with generous donations from our Team Suzy supporters and help from our friends at Eldercare and Caregiver Solutions (ECS). Thanks also go to our Board of Directors and to our Vetting Committee for their work to make this all possible.


Our mission is to continue to grow the numbers of families and caregivers that we guide and support in 2023.  We need your help to achieve our goals this year and for years to come through your continued support of Team Suzy.

Grants Awarded in Fall 2021

The Lemus Family - for respite care
A son and his family caring for his 73-year-old mother with frontotemporal dementia


The Rainey/Claxton Familyfor personal care products, daily caregiver needs, and a set of cameras to watch her mother’s movements to ensure her safety  A daughter and her family caring for her 82-year-old mother with Alzheimer’s


The Neal Family - for respite care and personal care products 
A son who is a solo caregiver, caring for his 84-year-old mother with Alzheimer’s

IMG_E2028 (1).jpg

The Bradley Family - for respite care, personal care products, and daily caregiving needsA daughter and her family caring for her 82-year-old mother with Vascular Dementia


The Goodner Family - for personal items  A wife who cared for her husband of over 40 years with dementia

Why We Do This

Thanks for checking on us. Please tell all concerned that we love everything that has been sent and it has been a tremendous blessing to our family. Team Suzy is allowing me to care of my mom with less stress and anxiety. I tried using the wedge yesterday and really love it, that was a surprise to receive. The device for moving mom was tricky, I need lots of practice using it. The commode liners and bags arrived, those were so needed. I plan on setting up the cameras today.


 January 2022

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