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In 2014, our beloved Suzy Plaskey was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease, five years after the first signs and symptoms. We did not know what Alzheimer’s was; we did not know the signs, nor could we have predicted the challenge ahead. 

As the disease progressed and caregiving became increasingly difficult, Suzy’s husband Mike, daughter Alexandra, and sons Harrison and Vincent were quickly surrounded by love and support from friends and family, near and far. In January 2020, Suzy, Mike and her family lost their battle to Alzheimer’s disease.

Through our annual fundraising events, advocacy trips to Lansing and Washington, DC, and community outreach, the Team Suzy mission is to have a significant impact on those affected by Alzheimer’s in our community by granting financial aid to caregivers, educating our peers about the disease and partnering with other local non-profits. 

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